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Sultan of Johor's Birthday

Sultan of Johor’s Birthday 2021 and 2022

In the Malaysian royal province of Johor, the Sultan’s birthday is a public holiday and off-work day every 23 March. The current Sultan is Ibrahim Ismail, is the twenty-fifth Sultan of Johor.

202123 MarTueSultan of Johor's Birthday Johor
202223 MarWedSultan of Johor's Birthday Johor

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail is the eldest son of the previous Sultan of Johor. Ibrahim Ismail is well known as a great lover of motorcycling and for founding the annual tour event called “Kembara Mahkota Johor”. He was educated partly in Australia, and he also received military training, partly in the United States.

As his father declined in health and neared his death, Ibrahim Ismail began to assume some of his duties. A few hours before his father died, he was declared regent. Then, the next morning, he was officially declared Sultan, on 23 January, 2010. Nonetheless, his belated coronation event took place in 2015.