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Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City

Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City

In 2008, the historic town of Malacca was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The declaration recognised the 500 years of trading and cultural exchanges between the East and West in the Straits of Malacca. From 2024, this holiday is replaced with the Independence Declaration Day holiday that commemorates the Declaration of the Independence of the Federation of Malaya in 1956.

History of the Holiday

At one time, Malacca was one of the most popular destinations in the world and was one of the most important trading ports in Southeast Asia. Over time, it changed from a thriving port to a sleepy backwater city. However, the historic allure of Malacca nevertheless continued to draw visitors to the seaport.

The town provides a unique look into Malaysia’s unique heritage. In 2008, UNESCO declared Malacca a World Heritage Site due to its exceptional example of a multi-cultural trading town and the fact that the town is a living testimony to multi-cultural heritage.

Malacca reflects a mixture of architecture, culture and townscape that demonstrates a wide range of buildings that show multiple types and stages of development.

Many of the historic buildings that led to the designation are open for tourists to visit and most have some type of event planned to celebrate the history of the town. The celebration is normally a week long and there are often many cultural performances throughout the city as well.

UNESCO Designation

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was established in 1945 in order to respond to the belief that political and economic agreements were not enough to build lasting peace. UNESCO works to build networks among nations that enable solidarity by mobilising for education, building intercultural understanding, pursuing scientific cooperation and protecting freedom of expression.

UNESCO designates unique and diverse areas of the world as World Heritage Sites in an effort to protect those sites. The belief is that heritage protects legacy, what people live with today and what is passed on to future generations. UNESCO believes that the cultural and natural heritage are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

As a World Heritage Site, those designated must protect their natural heritage and establish management plans in order to preserve the area. UNESCO also encourages participation of the local population in preserving their national heritage and culture.

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