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Melaka Public Holidays

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Malacca’s public holidays are mostly the same as other states. However, it does celebrate a special holiday each year for the Declaration of Melaka as a Historic City. In 2008, the historic town of Melaka was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, in celebration of that designation, a public holiday was declared.

The holiday is celebrated on April 15 with offices and businesses closing. Melaka demonstrates the early history of Malacca, starting with Malay sultanate periods of the 15th century and through the Portuguese and Dutch periods that followed.

Another public holiday unique to the state is the Malacca Governor’s Birthday. Malacca is not one of the nine royal states in Malaysia. Instead of a Sultan, the head of state in Malacca is a governor or Yang di Pertua Negeri. Malacca was an early royal state, but the monarchy was abolished when the Portuguese conquered it the state in 1511. Each year, on October 14, the Governor of Malacca’s birthday is celebrated as a public holiday.

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