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Sarawak Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 Sarawak public holidays. Please scroll down to view.

Sarawak offers unique and exciting adventures that combine the history of the country with a more modern approach. There is a rich blend of culture, history and modernization that makes this area appealing to just about anyone who visits.

State-specific Public Holidays

Sarawak has four public holidays not found in most other parts of the country – the highest number of non-standard public holidays compared to other Malaysian states.

According to the 2010 census, more than 46 percent of the population of Sarawak is Christian. For this reason, Good Friday is a widely commemorated public holiday in Sarawak with many offices, schools and government agencies closed. Businesses, however, often remain open due to the strong tourist and shopping trade in Sarawak.

Hari Gawai is a religious and social occasion celebrated on June 1st and 2nd each year that marks the end of the harvesting season. There is much singing and dancing as farmers start a new farming season and many who work in the city return to villages to celebrate. A month before the celebration, tuak, or rice wine, is prepared and is served throughout the holiday. Langkau, similar to vodka, is also served. It is made through the heating and condensation of tuak.

The 2nd Saturday in September is celebrated as the Sarawak Governor’s birthday, although the official title for the head of state is Yang di-Puertua Negeri. Sarawak is one of four states that are not governed by monarchs. The governor is appointed by the King of Malaysia. The current Yang di-Puertua Negeri is Abdul Talb Mahmud.

In May 2016, the Chief Minister’s Office announced that a new public holiday had been created on July 22 and would be known as Sarawak Independence Day. Sarawak was granted self-government on July 22, 1963 under the condition it would join Malaya, North Borneo and Singapore to form Malaysia.

While in Sarawak, a visit to Kuching, the most urbanised city in the state, is definitely a must. It brings together many cultures, crafts and experiences that are both modern and ancient. The city is full of Chinese temples, shophouses that bring back memories of the White Rajahs and stalls selling delicious Asian cuisine. There are several nature preserves to choose from, including Gunung Gading, Semenggoh and Bako National Parks.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year
2 JanMonNew Year Holiday
28 JanSatChinese New Year
29 JanSunChinese New Year
2nd Day
30 JanMonChinese New Year
Additional Holiday
14 AprFriEaster - Good Friday
1 MayMonLabour Day
10 MayWedWesak Day
1 JunThuHari Gawai
2 JunFriHari Gawai
2nd Day
3 JunSatAgong's Birthday
25 JunSunHari Raya Aidilfitri *
26 JunMonHari Raya Aidilfitri
2nd Day *
27 JunTueHari Raya Aidilfitri
Holiday *
22 JulSatSarawak's Independence
from British Colonisation
31 AugThuNational Day /
Merdeka Day
1 SepFriHari Raya Haji *
9 SepSatSarawak Governor's Birthday
16 SepSatMalaysia Day
22 SepFriAwal Muharram
1 DecFriProphet Muhammad's Birthday
25 DecMonChristmas