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Sultan of Kelantan's Birthday

Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday 2019 and 2020

On 11 November the state of Kelantan celebrates the Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday with a public holiday. The current Sultan, Muhammad V, is considered to be very well loved by his people, and they are known to celebrate his birthday with enthusiasm.

201911 NovMonSultan of Kelantan's Birthday Kelantan
12 NovTueSultan of Kelantan's Birthday Holiday Kelantan
202011 NovWedSultan of Kelantan's Birthday Kelantan
12 NovThuSultan of Kelantan's Birthday Holiday Kelantan

Muhammad V is the twenty-ninth Sultan of Kelantan and was proclaimed as such on 13 September, 2010. He has been a leader in the Muslim community of Kelantan and as sultan has established a special, annual Ramadan event called the “Qiam With Me Program”. At the program, he always gives out zakat to the less fortunate in his sultanate.

Sultan Muhammad V is the youngest ever to hold his position, and he has become very popular, sometimes being referred to as “the People’s Ruler”.

Every year, the Sultan of Kelantan throws a big birthday party, which is much attended. There is always a water sports event of some kind that takes place, and the lighting and decorations at the event are truly stunning.