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Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday

Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday 2020 and 2021

Every third Sunday in January is a public holiday in Kedah to celebrate the Sultan of Kedah’s birthday. The current reigning Sultan is Sultan Mahmudd Sallehuddin al-Mu’azzam Shah I.

202019 JanSunSultan of Kedah's Birthday Kedah
202117 JanSunSultan of Kedah's Birthday Kedah

Sultan Badlishah was the father of both Mahmud Sallehuddin and Abdul Halim. When his half-brother’s long reign (1958 to 2017) ended upon his death on 11 September, 2017, Mahmud Sallehuddin became Sultan of Kedah. He is the twenty-ninth Sultan that Kedah has had.

Born on 30 April, 1942, Sultan Mahmud Sallehuddin was one of 14 siblings. He became a military man, and rose to the rank of colonel in the 12th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment. For a time, he was stationed at the Thai border. The Sultan is married and has two sons.

Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday is an off-work day in Kedah and is a time to stay home and relax or to get out and about. The Sultan himself will have an elaborate royal birthday party.