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Raja Perlis' Birthday

Raja Perlis’ Birthday 2019 and 2020

Perlis is the northernmost and smallest province in all of peninsular Malaysia, but that doesn’t stop it from celebrating the birthday of its reigning Raja, Sirajuddin, in style.

201917 JulWedRaja Perlis' Birthday Perlis
202017 JulFriRaja Perlis' Birthday Perlis

The date for this official celebration was originally on the Raja’s actual birthday of 17 May, but it is currently observed on 17 July. Given the small size of the state of Perlis and its relatively low population of just over 200,000, Raja Perlis’ Birthday is a much more exclusive celebration. But the people of Perlis are quick to express appreciation for their Raja, or at least enjoy an extra day off work!

Sirajuddin of Perlis was born on 17 May in 1943 and became Raja of his state in 2000. Although the capital city of Perlis is Kangar, the Raja’s royal residence is in the city of Arau. He is the 13th Raja of Perlis, having succeeded his father who had been the longest reigning monarch (55 years.)