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Hari Hol Pahang

Hari Hol Pahang 2024, 2025 and 2026

In the state of Pahang, Hari Hol Pahang is a public holiday commemorating the death date of one of its former sultans.

202422 MayWedHari Hol Pahang Pahang
202522 MayThuHari Hol Pahang Pahang
202622 MayFriHari Hol Pahang Pahang
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Pahang is the largest state, geographically, in eastern (peninsular) Malaysia and is one of several states that retain their own sultan. “Hol” means an annual banquet, and Hari Hol, in Pahang, remembers the state’s fourth reigning sultan, named Abu Bakar. He was the father of another sultan, Ahmad Shah, who has also passed away. Hari Hol Pahang has been a public holiday since 1974.

On Hari Hol Pahang, all workers are given a holiday. People with a sense of pride in Pahang’s sultanate take time to honour the memory of Abu Bakar.

Previous Years

202322 MayMonHari Hol Pahang Pahang
202222 MaySunHari Hol Pahang Pahang
23 MayMonHari Hol Pahang Holiday Pahang