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Ching Ming

Ching Ming 2024, 2025 and 2026

Ching Ming, or “Tomb Sweeping Day”, is an important observance for people of Chinese heritage in Malaysia. It is also sometimes called “Ancestors Day” as the day is all about honouring ones deceased ancestors. It is not a public holiday but people will often take annual leave to participate in ceremonial activities.

20244 AprThuChing Ming Festival
20255 AprSatChing Ming Festival
20265 AprSunChing Ming Festival
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Ching Ming comes on the fifteenth day following the spring equinox, which puts it at the fourth or fifth of April on the Gregorian Calendar. People visit the tombs to clean them, to say prayers for their dearly departed, and to give them various ritual offerings. It is thought that by burning a Ching Ming offering at the grave site, the deceased can make use of those things in the other world.

Many burn incense sticks, incense paper shaped like gold bars or paper money, clothing, food items, and variously shaped paper crafts. It has been known for members of the younger generation to sometimes offers tablets, phones, electronics, skincare lotions, and health supplements.

Some believe that if you don’t give ceremonial gold bars or money to your ancestors on Ching Ming Day, there’s a greater chance they will linger about in our world and try to rob people.

Previous Years

20235 AprWedChing Ming Festival
20225 AprTueChing Ming Festival
20214 AprSunChing Ming Festival
20204 AprSatChing Ming Festival
20195 AprFriChing Ming Festival