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Awal Ramadan

Awal Ramadan 2025, 2026 and 2027

The first day of Ramadan, the “beginning” or “awal” of Ramadan, is a public holiday in the Malaysian states of Johor, Malacca, and Kedah.

20251 MarSatAwal Ramadan Johor, Kedah & Melaka
202619 FebThuAwal Ramadan Johor, Kedah & Melaka
20278 FebMonAwal Ramadan Johor, Kedah & Melaka
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On Awal Muharram, Muslims in Malaysia attend mosque and start a month of fasting between sunrise and sunset. Ramadan is considered the holiest of Islamic months as the Koran first began to be revealed to Mohammad during this month.

Ramadan’s date will change by about 11 days per year on the Gregorian Calendar since the Islamic Calendar is lunar-based. And it officially begins when a moon-sighting committee declares the new moon and new month.

Awal Ramadan is the start of very intense time for Malaysian Muslims, but many look forward to it more than any other time of year.

Previous Years

202412 MarTueAwal Ramadan Johor, Kedah & Melaka
202323 MarThuAwal Ramadan Johor, Kedah & Melaka