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Agong's Installation

Agong’s Installation 2017

The government has declared April 24, 2017 to be a public holiday to celebrate the installation of Malaysia’s 15th Agong, Sultan Muhammad V from Kelantan.

201724 AprMonInstallation of YDP Agong National

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa stated that the holiday was announced in accordance with the Public Holidays Act 1951, which applies to peninsular Malaysia and Labuan. State governments in Sabah and Sarawak are also expected to formalise the holiday soon.

The installation will be held at the Balairung Seri of the Istana Negara. This will be the second ever installation ceremony held at the new palace, the other being the installation of the current Agong in 2012.

The role of Agong is rotated amongst the heads of nine of states of Malaysia, with each reigning for a period of five years after an election process held by a council from the same states.

The installation ceremony will be broadcast live across Malaysia by multiple networks.