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Penang Governor's Birthday

Penang Governor's Birthday 2018 and 2019

The Penang Governor’s Birthday is observed every second Saturday in July. Penang is one of only four states of Malaysia to have a non-hereditary head of state. The governor is instead appointed by the King of Malaysia.

201814 JulSatPenang Governor's Birthday Penang
201913 JulSatPenang Governor's Birthday Penang
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The current governor of Penang, Abdul Rahman Abbas, is on his sixth term in office and celebrates his 80th birthday in 2018.

For Penang Governor’s Birthday, there is always a special state awards ceremony held. The governor will arrive and be greeted by high-level government officials, be given a 17-gun salute, and be saluted by the honour guard as he walks past.

The governor will then give out awards, and the honorary title of “Datuk”, to those deemed worthy to make the state honour’s list. Over a thousand people may receive awards each year.