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Kedah Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 Kedah public holidays. Please scroll down to view.

Located in northwest Malaysia, Kedah borders Thailand. It is known as the “Rice Bowl of Malaysia” as the rice plains in the state produce more than half of Malaysia’s rice supply. Kedah has many islands but the most well-known is Langkawi, located off the western shore.

The country was ruled by Sri Vijaya until the Siamese took control in the 15th century. The country was attacked by the Portuguese who conquered some parts of the country in the 17th century. In 1821, the Siamese again took control until it was transferred to the British when the Anglo-Siamese Treaty was signed in 1908. Many of the traditions and cultures in Kedah are influenced by the Thailand due to the close proximity of the country.

State-specific public holidays

Kedah’s public holidays are mostly the same as other states in Malaysia. However it does celebrate a special holiday each year for the Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday, celebrated on January 17. Another  public holiday that is only celebrated in Kedah and two other states is Israk and Mikraj.

Israk and Mikraj is celebrated on the 27th day of the seventh month of the Islamic calendar. It marks the night that Allah took Mohammed on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem before ascending him into heaven. Many who celebrate the holiday spend the evening listening to the story of Israk and Mikraj either at home or at a mosque. Some decorate their home with candles or small lights. They also share food, usually sweets with each other or enjoy a communal meal.

Things to see and do in Kedah

There are several attractions in Kedah for visitors and residents alike. The Alor Setar Tower is a communication tower with an observation deck designed to look for the crescent moon that marks the beginning of Muslim months.

Bujang Valley served as the centre of international trade during ancient times. Numerous artifacts have been discovered in the valley, including porcelain, stoneware and glass beads. The Kilim Nature Park features protected mangrove forests, white beaches and blue lagoons. There are river cruises offered that provide an insight into the ecosystem in this lush forest.

There are many more attractions in Kedah, including Dayang Bunting Lake which is said to be the bathing pool of Mambang Sari, a celestial princess. She was tricked into marrying a Mat Teja, a prince. They had one child who died at seven days old of a mysterious illness and it is said that the princess left her child in the lake to return it to its heavenly home. Barren women still bathe in the lake in the belief that it will help them have children, giving the lake its name which translates to “lake of the pregnant maiden.”

Public Holidays 2017

15 JanSunSultan of Kedah's Birthday
28 JanSatChinese New Year
29 JanSunChinese New Year
2nd Day
30 JanMonChinese New Year
24 AprMonIsrak and Mikraj
1 MayMonLabour Day
10 MayWedWesak Day
27 MaySatAwal Ramadan *
28 MaySunAwal Ramadan Holiday *
3 JunSatAgong's Birthday
25 JunSunHari Raya Aidilfitri *
26 JunMonHari Raya Aidilfitri
2nd Day *
31 AugThuNational Day /
Merdeka Day
1 SepFriHari Raya Haji *
2 SepSatHari Raya Haji
2nd Day *
3 SepSunHari Raya Haji
Holiday *
16 SepSatMalaysia Day
17 SepSunMalaysia Day
22 SepFriAwal Muharram
18 OctWedDeepavali *
1 DecFriProphet Muhammad's Birthday
25 DecMonChristmas